Our ROS implementation can be found in Github

This repository (SuperModifiedServo-ROS Implementation) contains C library that used from ROS in order to control Super Modified Servo. It is inspired by this arduino library. This ROS package tested in Xubuntu 14.04 with ROS indigo - 1.11.  13


To install the ROS package, clone the repository files in your ROS workspace:

cd ../src
git clone https://github.com/zisi/SuperModifiedServo-ROS.git
cd ..
catkin_make #Compile the files


Connect the controller to USB-RS485 or USB-UART as describe here. To find the device name:

$ dmesg | grep tty

Then change the device name in src/SuperModifiedTest.cpp

int fd = serialPortOpen("[device name]");

for example "/dev/ttyUSB0" .

For testing run the launch file:

$ roslaunch super_modified_servo SuperModifiedTest.launch

and in other terminal write the command to the topic /Command:

# test 1
$ rostopic pub -1 /Command super_modified_servo/Command "cmd: 'b1'"
# or for test 2
$ rostopic pub -1 /Command super_modified_servo/Command "cmd: 'b2'"
# or for test 3
$ rostopic pub -1 /Command super_modified_servo/Command "cmd: 'b3'"  

Known Problems

  • If the user in your platform does not have permissions to read/write to serial device, run the roslaunch as super user or give him the permissions for this.